Flour + Stone

Bread unites people across all cultures—place a big, crusty loaf fresh from the oven on the table, and watch as borders fade and happiness grows. Bread plays an important role in every culture and is a food that some argue was the birth of civilization.

Some 30 thousand years ago, north of the Alps, bread was made with wild seeds and an early wheat plant. Later, farmers raised barley and oats and made flat breads with the addition of seeds and water. Breads evolved among Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes, and Celts.

While it’s true that one cannot live on bread alone, one should certainly not have to live without bread either.

Bread culture has moved beyond the tasteless white, pre-sliced Wonder Bread and is now focused on quality and variety and is often revered. Flour + Stone celebrates the simple flatbread by using our fresh, proprietary doughs to provide a canvas for exciting toppings and moreIsh flavors from the worlds’ ovens.

Flour + Stone offers a convenient, fresh food option that is warm, cozy, familiar, honest, clean, fragrant and most importantly, portable. Perfect for the transient customer.

It is familiar for the far traveled, comfort for the weary, sustenance for the hungry, and affordable for the many.

Flour & Stone proposes a new dining experience to modern citizens, one where recognizable food from around the world is presented in a contemporary, inviting space.

From France to India, passing by Turkey, Georgia, Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon, Flour + Stone revisits 10 different flatbreads recipes such as Galette, Fougasse, Pide, Manakish or Naan to name a few, adding a twist of modernity to it respecting the traditional cooking process.

All our doughs are prepared daily by skilled bakers who have mastered the art of making bread and flatbreads from a wide array of cultures, allowing us to showcase interesting flavor profiles, familiar to some, new to others.

Why Flour + Stone?


Universal Appeal

Bread is the base for many famous dishes used in a very specific way according to the countries and culture. Flour + Stone combines in its offer the diversity of delicious bread creation in a familiar and warm environment to satisfied the transient customer.


Flour + Stone goes a step above to embody the spirit of the “Downtown” district by providing a wholesome, global and delicious rival to hamburger culture. Fast and easy does not have to be boring. In Dubai, we don’t do boring... we always push the boundaries in big ways and little ones too.


Locally Sourced

At Flour & Stone, we let nature do its work, our space is merely a canvas for local, fresh ingredients to shine. In recent years, the Dubai agriculture has seen a tremendous growth, with organic farms opening up across all emirates. We are strong advocates of natural, wholesome products that provide nutrients to the body, but to the spirit as well and we understand that local produce, sourced through a carefully monitored supply chain, is preferred.