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Treehouse Juicery is our vision in creating a guilt free healthy eating journey by offering our guests on-the- go good quality nutritious food with a maximum positive focus and offering the highest level of customer service and satisfaction by understanding the simplicity of healthy eating.

Our mission is to provide healthy food choices that will make you feel good every time. A key component of healthy eating is a balance between good food choices and serving portions. There’s no rule saying that you need to eat these types of food every day, but including them regularly

 to your eating plan and eating a variety of super foods each day will enhance your lifestyle and give you a long list of benefits and plenty of energy.

At Treehouse, we aim to offer a wide range of freshly made food every day by providing an inviting eating environment and by encouraging our guests to understand the importance of healthy eating.

Treehouse Juicery is not just another concept - it’s a lifestyle.

Have me at my BEST.


Why Treehouse Juicery?

Guilt Free Nutrition

Treehouse Juicery outsources the freshest sustainable ingredients available on the market. Our products are created to treat your body right, providing you with a balanced on-the- go menu and offering fresh cold-pressed juices that are not only nutritious but will promote a healthy living.

Our Service

Treehouse Juicery aims to deliver an exceptional level of customer service and product knowledge. Our staff are there to help and guide you through your healthy eating journey. With a passion, drive and tenacity the goal of our dynamic team is to achieve the best customer service and create a positive working environment.

Our Design

Treehouse Juicery is inspired by the lush, tranquil and green surroundings in which treehouses are usually perched. Transporting you into the serene escape of nature’s magical bounty.

The design of the concept is inspired by nature with a unique feature - the Tree of Life.

This tree has many features, such as the overhanging branches that engulf the counter with its hanging lights. Another detail in the design is the ladder representing the journey into a healthier lifestyle.

Our Food

Our freshly prepared cold-pressed juices are invigorating and tailor-made for you bursting with freshness and our smoothies are freshly blended to order.

We offer a variety of fresh superfood salads, delicious power sandwiches and innovative nutritional wraps. All menu items are freshly prepared daily from our kitchen using only the freshest ingredients available.

At Treehouse Juicery, we are dedicated in creating a delicious, wholesome and healthy menu truly reflecting a true and positive lifestyle.

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