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With hundreds of thousands of passengers passing through our airports on a daily basis, Tranzeet aims to provide an elevated airport offering for people of different cultures to experience the most popular food the region has to offer, packaged in internationally recognised formats and presented in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Tranzeet aims to change the airport dining scene by offering a place to dine that is easy but inspired, offering a sense of place, a sense of comfort and a sense of fun to the travelers of the world.

In the past five years there has been a resurgence of the diner globally. Many old spaces have been re-purposed and new outlets developed in the format of a diner. 

People have become more aware of their diet choices and food sourcing. They seek better alternatives to fast-food, without sacrificing quality or value. They seek more authenticity and human connection.

Tranzeet goes a step above to embody the spirit of the “Downtown Dubai” district by providing a bustling space that serves as a hub for those on the move, whether it be the Experienced Compromiser, Escape Artist or Destination Dreamer. Tranzeet provides a meeting place in a destination where people are always on the go, so they can stop for a moment to re-energise and get a taste of the region.

In short, Tranzeet is: Nostalgia meets Modernity and A Sense of Place Meets Universal Appeal 

A Sense of Place for People on the Go

Why Tranzeet?


Tranzeet is a homegrown concept rooted in Pan-Arab culture, serving items that are prevalent in local kitchens within the region. Tranzeet is independent, making it different from the many chain-led venues that surround us. The innovative, fresh take on the western diner alludes to the well-known ethos of Dubai - always creating and moving ahead.

Universal Appeal

Tranzeet celebrates the cuisine and culture of the region but presents it in an inclusive format. The menu includes international favourites which has been fused with local flavour and technique. Tranzeet is for people of different backgrounds and interests. It is an inclusive approachable concept, appealing to all those who visit any major hub.


Tranzeet strives to continuously explore new ways to make the travel experience fun. The menu inspires customers to discover new tastes, while the engagement program allows customers to take a step into Dubai - especially for those people in transit. The energetic, space serves as a stop on a fast-paced journey. Tranzeet has something for everyone. 

Our Design

From the 1920’s through to the 1960’s, American diner design was shaped by various popular trends and architectural influences. Diner is a catchall name for a counter-based quick eating establishment. It took different formats and names, often referred to as Coffee Shops, Luncheonettes, Dinerettes, Drugstores and Soda Shops.

The earlier diners were prefabricated in factories (like a mobile home) and delivered to the restaurant site.

Our Food Offering

Tranzeet is all about comfort food,served quickly. We have adopted a philosophy of evolved nostalgia in our menu approach. From the diner tradition of offering bacon and eggs all day, Tranzeet serves specialty items that are unique, like awesome mac and cheese, healthy options and daily blueplate specials,to name a few. In true diner style,the food is uncomplicated and quick - perfect for people on the go.

Our beverages are fun and refreshing, and pay homage to the diner’s ‘cup of joe’ and coke floats with inventive coffee drinks, slushes, juices and milkshakes.

Tranzeet’s menu covers all day-parts, from 24-hour breakfasts, to soups, sandwiches, specials, desserts, shakes and kid’s meals.

Late for a flight? We have developed a thoughtful range of grab and go items that taste great and can survive a mad dash for a departure gate. 

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