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“An exciting street experience for everyone.”

It’s home for many and a new exciting food experience for you. Roti Bhai helps people embrace the authentic experience, adore the street-like surroundings and indulge
on original Indian street food.


The best way to describe Roti Bhai’s brand voice is genuine, warm and fun. In other words, headlines should tell a truth about the brand, but balance it with authenticity from it’s culture. Ideal headline length is 6 to 8 words.

Why Roti Bhai?

Our Story

Chalo, Bhai! An easy way to call your brother, friend or childhood neighbours. Another invitation coming through unexpectedly! Bhai is rounding up the family and friends for dinner. One thing is for sure! Everyone will have a jolly good time, sharing fun moments, over rotis and good, humble food.

This is the story of Roti Bhai, the story of all these moments spent together sharing a piece of roti and making memories. When there is a roti for Bhai, there is a roti for all those around him.

Bhai’s offer is simple. Familiar. Friendly, no fuss. Just the best roti roll options you’ve ever tasted, to share with your family and friends.

Inspired by the bustling streets of India and the ever awe-striking street food variety, our rolls will take you on a journey from Kashmir to Kerala, through Delhi, Goa and Mumbai, all with a good dose of unconventional and freshness.

Our Design

Roti Bhai brings back the colorful street of India, using a color palette representing festivity and food throughout the different indian spices. The design is really dynamic, playful and quirky, bringing a breath of the Indian streets to you. Using traditional materials available in indian streets, Roti Bhai keeps the design authentic and fun.

Our Product

The variety of Indian street food is not only overwhelmingly flavourful, but also intimidating for those not in the know. The same dish varies across regions, across cities, across kitchens! How are we to know what to choose? That’s where Roti Bhai comes into play. Bhai already selected the best rolls and snacks, chose the ingredients and spices and is ready to bring you a taste of India. What make Roti Bhai different? He’s our Roti Bhai!

By revisiting authentic Indian street food recipes, Roti Bhai knows exactly how to balance the flavor and the spices , giving each of our rolls and snack food a unique flavor.


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